What People Say About Their Experience

I have been going to Andrew for massage for about 5 years. I have a slightly herniated disc in my upper back, which I would have had to have surgery on if I wouldn’t have tried the route of massage and exercise. Andrew is great at remembering what your specific needs are, and is very quick to identify them. He is also really responsive to feed back of what is working and what is not. He seems to understand how all the muscles work together and is very thorough when working on a certain muscle group. I have told friends that it seems like he can see my muscles through my skin! When I leave there I feel so healed…..its the only way to describe it. I feel like I could be poured into my car!

In addition to Andrew working on issues causing pain, he is also very balanced with his massages being deep tissue, but also very relaxing. The atmosphere is light and airy and feels quiet and relaxing. The conversation is good, if you are so inclined. I have referred a few friends, and they have all made a point to call me at some point thanking me for such a great referral. I may be moving out of the area, and for now, will be scheduling my massages with him as I am here for visits. He’s that good!!

I suffered from back problems for a couple of years before I decided to try massage therapy. Before that, I tried many other options: physical therapy, acupuncture, pain medication—but nothing seemed to work. I am only in my early 30’s and, as a runner, I needed a solution that would keep me active without costing a fortune. I was about to resign myself to a life of pain before I found Andrew Jecklin.

A couple of sessions with Andrew and I felt like I had a brand new body! Andrew explained that most of my pain was due to the poor shape of my back and neck muscles. Many women, he said, carry their stress in their necks, which then affects the back muscles. I felt relief after the first session and, by the third, I was running without pain. I continue to see Andrew a couple of times a month to maintain my back and neck.

I’ve had massages in the past that did little but relax me for the hour. It is Andrew’s deep tissue massage that did the trick. This more intense technique goes deep into the tissue to release the knots. Andrew does a great job anticipating how deep to go without causing pain, and is responsive if I need a little extra pressure. He usually finishes my massage with a lighter and very relaxing head and foot rub.

I highly recommend Andrew for massage therapy. He is personable, professional, and the best massage therapist I have ever had.

Andrew’s massages are very relaxing and healing. They were especially helpful during my pregnancy. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for pain or stress relief. His office is very comfortable and welcoming and I always enjoy getting a massage from him.

The best massage ever!

In Depth

Massage Services

I offer the following types of massage services: Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Massage, MVA & Physician Prescribed Massage, and Onsite Chair Massage.

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Deep Tissue Massage

If you have ever expressed frustration over finding excellent deep tissue massage work, you are not alone. I hear it often. In fact, it was my frustration too. Not only did I see the need for deep tissue work, I love doing it, and believe in its benefits. Two things happen after a deep tissue massage session at Stillpoint Massage Therapy.
The first and the most obvious is that muscle aches and pains are eased and released. You feel better. Less sore. Brighter mood. The second less obvious, is that the emotional stress patterns that are in your body are also eased and released. This interruption of the pain stress pattern allows you to get the much needed calm and rest that your body cries out for.
There are times when you may be feeling pain in your low back pain, neck and shoulders. Perhaps the pain is chronic, or it is an injury from work or play. I use my knowledge and skill to find the muscles involved, the patterns of tension, and work to relieve you of that pain. 


At other times you might just need to relax and have your whole body calmed. Massage improves circulation, boosts the immune system, and releases hormones to produce a state of well-being. In this case, I use long, deep strokes, focusing in on specific areas of tension that I find, bringing the body back into a restful state.


Rates & Location


  •  1/2 hour massage, $45.00
  • 1 hour massage, $70.00
  • 1.5 hour massage, $90.00
Chair massage is also available.  


  • $5 student discount
  • Some health insurance accepted.
  • All auto accident (MVA) accepted.
  • UO grad students, Flex-spending accounts, city of Eugene insurance

5 East 24th Avenue, Eugene OR 97405

Ph: 541-914-1310 (on the corner of 24th Ave & Willamette)